In-app messages for your flutter apps

In-app messages for your flutter apps

We recently released our Flutter library to the public, by taking advantage of our native iOS and Android libraries, we're providing a Dart interface to use within your Flutter app.

The library wraps around the core components of Gist enabling you to send personalized messages and broadcasts to your app.

You can use Gist to:

  • Improve marketing automation
  • Onboard customers with tailored messaging
  • Make timely announcements
  • Enable customers to learn about promotions
  • Deliver product-wide messaging (Payment issues, downtime, etc)

Setup in minutes

After adding the new dependency, set up the library by providing your Gist Organization Id.


Targeting customers

To target customers with personalized messages, set the user token to your customer's unique id.


Broadcast to segments

You can use broadcasts to target an audience based on the topics your customers / anonymous users are subscribed to.


Send messages from anywhere

Our webhook API enables you to integrate Gist into your favorite tool. We have guides for, Firebase Cloud Functions & more.

Sounds interesting? Try Gist for free, just create a free account and follow our Getting Started guide.


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Jamie Smith Bezzina