How we asked visitors to join our waiting list

How we asked visitors to join our waiting list
Photo by Christopher Czermak / Unsplash

Before we opened our registrations to the public, we were onboarding customers manually. We demoed our product and explored use cases together. This gave us a very good idea of the problems our customers needed to be solved and helped us prioritize.

This process was quite streamlined, but it could never scale. Furthermore, many customers nowadays prefer a fully self-serve model, where they can try out the product without having to jump on calls or sit through demos. They were the audience we wanted to reach out to next.

The idea was very simple. We already had a Mailchimp form that we set up when creating our original landing page. We just needed an eye-catching message to direct anyone interested to put in their email.

Using Gist we put together a message and linked the CTA to our Mailchimp form.

This is what we created

Short to the point message and a CTA

The message was live for around 2 months before launch and converted 10% of our traffic to sign up.

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Jamie Smith Bezzina