Gist is joining

Hey! I’m Bernard, the founder of Gist, and I have some exciting news to share. Gist has been acquired by

I started work on Gist in December of 2019, when I had just resigned from my product management job and decided it was finally time to follow my dream and become a full-time founder.

The idea behind Gist was to create an in-app messaging solution that both marketers and growth teams can use without needing developer support. While other tools had pre-set templates with limited branding options, Gist enabled teams to create any template in their unique brand. This made sure that messages looked and felt like they were built in-house.

The first iteration of Gist was released in private beta after just nine months, and kept evolving through user feedback since. I’m forever thankful for the companies that trusted us with this responsibility.


It's a perfect fit. The first product integration guide I wrote back in 2020 was for Even back then it was obvious that both products complement each other very well. Today, Gist users use to orchestrate campaigns using different channels and react to time-sensitive events within the product in real-time. Here’s what Colin Nederkoorn, CEO has to say about the acquisition.

So what’s next?

I will be joining the team at as Technical Director of in-app messaging, working with some of the most brilliant people in the industry to build a best-in-class in-app solution for all platforms.

What’s happening to Gist?

For the time being, existing customers can still make use of their Gist account, and we’ll be reaching out to every one of you individually about a transition plan. Since new customers will now be onboarded through, account creation on Gist has been closed.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who supported the product in any way! You’re amazing.

Signing off.



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